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Why Budding Economists?
Every individual is a Bud, a talent to be nurtured and potentials to be realized. We develop in students a passion for learning and inspire them to achieve their highest grades they are capable of at the examinations.
We make learning fun and lessons are conducted in a manner where students reap the most from supplementary materials used to help them acquire not just knowledge but application skills.
Examination techniques and requirements are imparted so that students are confident of their performance in the examination.
At Budding Economists, students discover the beauty of Economics and see the relevance of what they study in theory to what is happening around them
Materials that relate what is taught at school to what is experienced in the real world is readily made available to students so that application skills can be further enhanced.

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Budding Economists Pte Ltd
20 Kramat Lane, #05-02 United House Singapore 228773